The philosophy at Advanced Integrative Healthcare (AIH) is that the best health care happens when the doctor and the patient work as partners. Patient satisfaction is best achieved by identifying a patient’s true concerns, meeting those as best as possible, and that is accompanied by the doctor acting on what he believes to be best for the patient in the overall scheme of things. The doctor is not an authoritarian figure whose advice is flawless or infallible. The doctor is just as human as the patient. The doctor, because of what he has studied and experienced, is really an advisor and consultant to the patient. The word “doctor” means teacher, and we believe that teaching the patient is a vital part of medical care. That also means that patients as students need to do their “homework” in order to achieve optimum health.

The “magic bullet” philosophy of medicine does not prevail at Advanced Integrative Healthcare. Rather we believe that disease as well as wellness is due to a large number of factors coming together in the patient’s life at that time. We also believe that, generally speaking, the body is always trying to heal itself. For example, when you cut yourself, the skin heals all by itself as long as it’s allowed to, and no impediments are put in the way. You don’t need to take medicine or tell the body to heal in order for it to heal itself. It just knows how. We have the inherent, God-given ability to become well.

It is also our philosophy that there are many ways in which people can get well. There is a place for conventional medicine, as well as a place for so-called “alternative” medicine. Other healers like herbalists, chiropractors, naturopaths, naprapaths, massage therapists, and others can make huge differences in a patient’s health. We readily acknowledge that allopathic mainstream medicine does not have the corner on effective treatment for all of mankind’s health problems.

We value listening to our patients as best we can. We want our patients to leave the office feeling heard, and that we did the best we could to meet their needs that day. Family Practice is the medical specialty that provides a wide variety of medical care to the entire family from infants to the elderly. We provide preventive care as well as treatment for the vast majority of common ills. We strongly feel that diet and lifestyle has a great deal to do with health.

Optimal health means wellness and balance in all areas of your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

He tries to work on the underlying causes of illness rather than simply treating the symptoms. He strongly encourages dietary and lifestyle changes. The office provides a variety of nutritional supplements that are used to support good health.