Bioidentical Hormones Sometimes when a patient asks their gynecologist about bioidentical hormone replacement, their gyne says that he or she doesn’t do that.  A response like that just demonstrates how little understanding there is sometimes about this term bioidentical. Some doctors think that bioidentical hormones are something that has to be specially prepared in compounding… Read More

You CAN overcome those roadblocks! We humans are motivated by two things: the avoidance of pain and the pursuit of pleasure. So to overcome the roadblocks, we need to maximize the pleasure of exercising and minimize the pain. So how do you maximize the pleasure? Make it fun. Maybe this means joining a class. You… Read More

Do You Experience Roadblocks to Exercise? Most people accept the notion that exercise is good for your health, right? But not everyone can list all the specific benefits! Lets’ start right there: exercise can help you control your weight, improve your mood*, reduce your risk of certain illnesses like heart disease, improve your energy, improve… Read More

Your intestinal tract, or what we casually refer to as your gut, has a huge influence on your overall health.  It’s not simply a way for your body to get water and nutrition.  It contains most of your immune system, for example, and it affects your mental health, too.  And if the semi-permeable barrier between… Read More

Skincare in the sun Dermatologists around the world seem to feel that the sun is evil. Even Boris Lushniak, MD, who was one of my interns (and a heck of a nice guy) at St. Joseph Hospital when I was a senior resident, and who is now the Acting Surgeon General of the United States… Read More

Fight Fatigue! Increase Energy! Many patients come to me complaining of fatigue and they want more energy. And let’s face it, wouldn’t we all like more energy? I would. So how do you get it? Well, first of all, you should make sure there isn’t some major identifiable illness going on such as anemia, kidney… Read More

By now, you have probably at least heard of GMO foods, but you may not really understand what that is all about or why there is controversy. Or you may not think that GMO’s are a particularly relevant issue for you. But if you eat any processed foods, any kind of corn product, corn fed… Read More

How Do You Know if You are Buying the Right Supplement? If you’re like most people, you know that choosing the right nutrition supplements can often be overwhelming and confusing. And one of the big questions is not just what supplement to take, but also what company brand to buy. Do I just buy the… Read More

Practical advice for fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is a condition of widespread body pain (present in all four body quaudrants) in association with at least 11 out of 17 specific tender points (5 lbs. of pressure to the area causes significant pain), for which there is no other identifiable diagnosis. It is a rather common condition, although… Read More

The Importance of Nutrition Supplements I can’t verify that this story is actually true, but I once heard it at a nutrition conference a number of years back. It has been reported that someone got 10 dieticians together and instructed them (or should we say challenged them) to compose a menu of food items that… Read More