Testosterone Replacement in Women I recently gave a female patient of mine a prescription for testosterone skin gel, which she didn’t fill and use because her husband wasn’t comfortable with her using testosterone. I’m not sure why, but apparently he read some negative stuff on the internet about it. She was complaining of low libido… Read More

You CAN Create Healthy Habits! Humans are creatures of habit. Unfortunately, good habits are hard to form and easy to lose, and bad habits are easy to form and hard to get rid of. Why is that? For the most part, good habits go against entropy, which is the natural movement away from order and… Read More

Vaccinations There has been a recent breakout of measles in the Chicago area, and also one in California. So that again raises the controversy about certain vaccinations and whether they are associated with autism or other neurological diseases. That debate continues on even in spite of the fact that Dr. Wakefield in England, who originally… Read More

Lifestyle Change with the Help of a Lifestyle Educator For centuries, patients have gone to a doctor, and either received a treatment right then and there, or got a prescription to take to a pharmacy to get the drug that the doctor ordered.  And sometimes, the doctor would make some additional suggestions like “try and… Read More

For years, the treatment of allergies to pollen, dust, and mold has meant avoidance, drugs like steroid sprays and oral antihistamines, and painful and inconvenient allergy shots. Avoidance techniques might include keeping the windows closed, running the A/C more than usual, keeping the house extra clean, getting rid of the dog or cat or at… Read More

Thyroid and hair loss: A Connection? There is no doubt about it, your hair is very important to you. And when you start to see it falling out like crazy, it can really be cause for alarm. I have had patients actually bring in a baggie of the hair they have lost (I think in… Read More

S.A.D. during the winter season? Most of you know that SAD stands for something else besides Standard American Diet.  You probably guessed it, Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a real thing.  It’s a form of depression that occurs during the cold months and is why it’s also called “winter blues” even though there is a… Read More

De-stress during the holiday craziness Around the holidays, the hustle and bustle of the season can turn a season of peace and joy into a time of wanting to pull your hair out! But over the years, I have accumulated a list of action steps a person can take to reduce the stress and the… Read More

Well, allergy season is coming to an end. And for some people, your response might be “Thank goodness!”. Pollen and mold counts are low and symptoms have diminished. The Allegra, Claritin, or Zyrtec may not be needed as much. Thoughts and efforts regarding your allergies might be fading into the background now. But wait. Not… Read More

Well, I just finished a day and a half of attending a mainstream medical conference full of various lectures on issues that family doctors and internists face in their practices, and I have to say that it looks like mainstream medicine is really starting to catch on to wholistic, integrative, and lifestyle medicine! The keynote… Read More