Nasal Irrigation with Hypertonic (3%) Saline

Hypertonic nasal saline causes your upper respiratory mucosal cells to produce more hypochlorous acid (science-proven) which is what your immune system cells use to kill microbes including viruses (also proven). Hypochlorous acid (don’t confuse this with bleach which is sodium hypochlorite. They’re very different, and hypochlorous acid is actually a better killer of viruses than bleach and much safer.) There is scientific evidence that this REALLY WORKS to reduce viral upper respiratory infections including Corona viruses and costs next to nothing. The only side effect is some degree of nasal discomfort like mild burning or stinging. But with practice, you can get used to it. Here’s the formula:

  1. One pint of filtered, distilled, or boiled tap water brought to
    about 98 degrees (body temp) for maximum comfort
    2. Dissolve 1 Tablespoon (3 tsp) of plain table salt
    in it completely
    3. Dissolve 1/4 tsp of baking soda to raise pH slightly to body
    pH of 7.4 for less discomfort


In this article and video, he uses a scale to weigh the salt which you don’t really need to do (he’s a scientist). Making a large batch of the salt water every day or two makes sense to reduce prep time.

Now here’s another thing you need to know: Hypertonic saline in your nose will likely sting a bit, make your eyes water, and make your nose run for several minutes afterward. My advice, if you’re not used to doing nasal irrigation, is to begin with an ISOtonic solution first, which is made with 1/4 – 1/2 tsp of salt with a pinch of baking soda in 1 cup of clean warm water. That shouldn’t burn at all. Then gradually try and increase the salt concentration until you’ve developed a tolerance for the 3% hypertonic saline..

3 ways to use get it in your nose:

1. Good ol’ Netti Pot. Goes in one nostril and out the other or
out your mouth.
2. Sniff it out of a wide bowl or your cupped hand (over the
sink or in shower). Goes in your nose and you spit it out
your mouth. You may want to do this when you’re alone.
3. Water Pik on low setting using a Grossan Nasal Adapter
(at least 3 brands on Amazon: Wyfun, Sanvic, or Vinfany),
again in one nostril and out the other side or your mouth.

“If you have symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID-19, repeat the usage up to every two hours during first few days symptoms are present.

• If you are asymptomatic and do not have known COVID-19, repeat the usage every four to six hours as a preventative measure.
• At this point in time (April, 2020), we recommend all people in the USA do this hypertonic saline nasal irrigation and gargle.
• We recommend continuation at least until the CDC no longer considers COVID-19 a serious threat in this country.” *

*Thanks to Drs. Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen for going the extra mile, and getting out this SUPER IMPORTANT INFORMATION.